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Global Trade Compliance

Product Highlights

Global Trade Compliance – Key Features

  • Denied Party Screening: Screen all parties against international watch lists
  • License Management: Manage country specific license requirements
  • Export Management: Expedite documentation for shipping and customs
  • Import Management: Manage import of goods and prepare country specific documentation
  • License Screening: Implement a uniform and consistent corporate wide screening policy
  • ID & Visitor Management: Manage on-site visitors and record regulatory data
  • Facilitation of product classification and master data management
  • Creation of audit trail of critical trading transactions
  • Documentation creation and management as per country specific government standards
  • Interface with government customs and filing for various countries
  • Assistance in license-granting decision making
  • Facilitation in abiding by global compliance trade practices worldwide
  • Multi-language support
  • Quick and easy implementation

Global Trade Compliance – Benefits

  • Avert from compliance penalties and preserve trading privileges
  • Prevent inadvertent trading of restricted goods to embargoed countries
  • Access updated country specific trade compliance data
  • Validate trade license requirements
  • Minimize costs by filing directly with customs authorities
  • Automate audit processes to monitor trade compliance performance
  • Integrate with ERP systems and eliminate duplication of data
  • Ensure re-exports to foreign parties if international activities are consistent and in compliance with the country of origin and other applicable export control laws
  • Fulfill trade requirements for UK/Europe, GCC Countries, China and other countries in Pacific RIM
  • Provide direct communication with global customs’ electronic systems