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Global Trade Compliance


Global Trade Compliance – Modules Overview

Denied Party Screening

The Denied Party Screening Module provides companies with accurate, real-time results of international denied parties on demand. An extremely user-friendly interface enables the user to check all individuals, businesses and countries involved in a transaction against government restricted, denied or prohibited party lists.


  • Provides organizations with accurate, real-time results of denied parties
  • Enables corporations to implement a uniform and consistent corporate wide comprehensive screening policy
  • Ensures that no transactions occur with a person or organization that is prohibited by law


  • Delivers the most efficient and consistent method of complying with government and international trade regulations
  • Features fuzzy logic search engines to increase organization’s search visibility
  • Integrates with most ERP systems and enables automatic screening on demand
  • Automatically updates restricted party lists from various governments and agencies daily
  • Enables comprehensive audit trails to demonstrate 100% due diligence


Export Management

OCR’s Export Management Module completes all necessary export documents for the government and your customers. It is a key tool in automating the process of preparing shipping documents for electronic submission to customs’ agencies.


  • Accurately supports and facilitates the trade process
  • Provides your business with historical records for reporting, compliance and audit purposes
  • Integrates with other modules including Denied Party Screening and License Screening


  • Standardizes corporate-wide procedures for all trading activities
  • Saves time and resources in form preparation
  • Improves shipment lead times by populating forms in record time
  • Streamlines entire form preparation process
  • Avoids unwanted fines and penalties for government trade violations


Import Management

The Import Management Module streamlines the process of clearing international customs agencies and creates a clear audit trail. It covers the entire import process and supports the flow of vital customs documents to all relevant parties.


  • Streamlines the process of clearing customs and provides a clear audit trail
  • Manages your organization’s import process including the calculation of tariff rates, duties and taxes
  • Considers classifications and valuations of goods, country of origin, trade agreements, free trade zones and export processing zones


  • Standardizes corporate wide procedures and management reporting
  • Improves internal procedures and efficiency
  • Saves time and resources and facilitates internal procedures
  • Increases productivity
  • Expedites import clearance and performs duty drawback calculations


ID & Visitor Management

The Visitor Management Module offers compliance and security officers the tools to manage and oversee on-site visitors. The process provides a complete review cycle and records all necessary information to demonstrate regulatory due diligence.


  • Offers organizations the latest in secure visitor control with features that include regular review cycles for all on-site visitor requests, production of customized visitor badges on demand and the ability to track and monitor visitor activity
  • Arms organizations with the tools necessary to manage and oversee on-site visitors to company facilities or events


  • Provides a complete and comprehensive audit trail to demonstrate 100% due diligence
  • Increases visibility so organizations know exactly who is entering their facilities
  • Increases accuracy and reliability due to the elimination of handwritten visitor log books
  • Enables flexibility as the system can be configured to accommodate internal block lists such as undesirable ex-employees


License Screening

The License Screening Module enables corporations to implement a uniform and consistent corporate wide screening policy that allows companies to diligently comply with regulations.


  • Enables organizations to implement a uniform and consistent corporate-wide license requirement screening policy to allow companies to diligently comply with regulations
  • Reduces the risk of government financial penalties, sanctions and the denial of export privileges


  • Assists in screening requirements and product classification for relevant export agencies
  • Maintains a comprehensive database of products and their classifications
  • Screens and provides license requirements for relevant export controls
  • Enables automatic or manual product screening to identify country controls and license and reporting requirements at time of shipment
  • Provides details of export restrictions in place for each country


License Management

The License Management Module is a management tool used to help businesses organize and track government licenses. It provides the capability to store license data, agreements and other relevant trade documents.


  • Enables organizations to organize and track government licenses
  • Provides the capability to store license data, agreements and other documents relevant to international trade


  • Facilitates compliance with governments and other agencies
  • Increases efficiency and facilitates record-keeping
  • Automates and streamlines the license monitoring process
  • Standardizes corporate-wide procedures
  • Improves production of compliance reports and retains data for auditing purposes