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Visitor Management

The latest in secure visitor control


WCT’s Electronic Live Visitor Identification System (E.L.V.I.S.) harnesses the combined technology of Biometric facial identification, visitor management and denied party screening into one easy to use Self Assist Kiosk, providing an identity assurance solution over a cloud connection.

E.L.V.I.S. is the latest in secure visitor control, production of customized visitor badges and the ability to track, approve and monitor visitor activity. The solution backend enables your front desk team to manage and oversee on-site visitors to company facilities or events. Real-time checks are performed against the denied-party database, providing you with accurate, real-time results, with a complete and comprehensive audit trail to demonstrate 100% due diligence.

E.L.V.I.S. is Cloud Enabled, Integrated to HR & Attendance Systems, Biometrics features and Capabilities for advanced Watch list Screening.

Global EASETM Visitor Management

Global EASETM ID & Visitor Management software is a highly effective solution for managing company personnel, contractors, and visitors to your facilities. The ID & Visitor Management module embraces identification, verification, and pre-authorization clearances from security and compliance personnel for individuals and visitors.

The application allows approved users to manage visitor requests, ID checks, and documentation audits, thereby enhancing accountability within your organization. A comprehensive Front Desk Visitor Management enables front desk personnel to monitor, check, and manage employees and visitors, with a check-in and check-out process. Implement powerful management reporting and audit trails on the full life cycle of company personnel, contractors, temporary engagements and other personnel movement and visits

Biometric enabled, with an easy-to-use application, including access to existing data and information from OCR modules, such as OCR’s Denied Party Screening module.

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