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Solutions Overview

Identity and security management is fast becoming of the utmost importance across different sectors. With high levels of identity forgery occurring throughout the world, identifying individuals accurately can reduce losses incurred. Using sophisticated technology, WCT has developed SafeHandTM; a world-class Security and Identity management solution based on biometric Palm Vein technology.

Trade regulations are constantly changing, which can cause processing delays. These can lead to reduced revenue and profit, lost market share, and strains on valuable trading relationships.

Country specific trade regulations have increased, making global trade issues more complex than ever as Governments throughout the world are implementing increasingly sophisticated cross-border controls in order to boost tax revenues, spur national economic growth and enhance security.

Identity Assurance

A highly effective solution for managing company personnel, contractors, and visitors to your facilities, this identity assurance solution embraces identification, verification, and pre-authorization clearances from security and compliance personnel for individuals and visitors.

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Trade Compliance

An effective web-based compliance solution for companies across the world. Our solution streamlines & automates the time-consuming and complex processes of complying with government regulations.

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Integrated Trade Facilitation Services

Save time & money by complying with all import, export and transit related regulations when using a single entry point for the preparation and submission of standardized transactional documents.

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