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Specialist experience in compliance & identity assurance

CEO’s Message

Dear Clients and Friends,

For more than 30 years, we have built solutions for Trade Compliance and Security products. Today, we continue to innovate and streamline the process, so that your focus can remain on security, operations , safety , profit and growth.

We are expanding our portfolio to help you manage the complex regulatory environment with professional expertise.

All of our services and solutions are built with cloud services in mind, and Services on demand approach.

We are privileged to work with a roster of sophisticated clients, including Fortune 500 leaders in industries from aerospace to finance. As a result, we are current and well versed in the details of solutions that are critical to you and your business.

Proactively, we pursue new initiatives, invest in key resources in planning for success rather than reacting to problems. That’s the competitive approach we take to our clients , and I hope you’ll join them.

We build solutions for compliance, identity assurance and integrated security.

Warm regards,

Dean Boveja

Our Approach

Precise, proactive tools to facilitate compliance and security! Using the latest in technology, security solutions, advanced biometrics and understanding processes of international movements of cargo, people, and traffic, we offer our customers tailor made solutions for securely managing their operations onsite, offsite and in the global environment. We have the experience, strategic insight and good old-fashioned common sense to simplify and build practical solutions for today’s needs.

WCT’s software suite automates people identification, process automation and enforcement of security and regulatory policies critical to the safe and successful operating of your business.

We’ll see you through the entire compliance life cycle!


With a strong focus on product research and development, WCT have pioneered a way in identity and security management with their biometric solutions.

Our solutions fit easily into a diverse range of industries and include market-leading organizations in:

  • Transportation – Airports, Roads Transit, Ports & Railways
  • Healthcare – Hospital, Clinics, Research Centre
  • Law Enforcement – Watch Lists, Correctional Institutions & Record Bureau
  • Lifestyle Services – High End Residential & Communities
  • Corporate – Government / Corporate Offices
  • Financial – Banks, ATMs
  • Hospitality – Apartments, Hotels, Clubs & Fitness Centers
  • Schools and Educational Institutes
  • Logical Access, Sensitive Information Security